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An Introduction

Considered as one of the important fashion accessory in the wardrobe of humans, the introduction of footwear in human lives has a long history since Ice Age, when unfavorable weather conditions created the necessity of footwear. In this modern world of fashion, footwear plays more important role than just serving as a piece of outer wear to the feet to protect them from harsh weather conditions. The evolution of footwear since ages have led people to wear these as per their work and their choice. However, many of us fall for poor quality footwear. Taking this aspect into consideration, we, Om Sai emerged in the footwear industry to produce a collection of footwear that is a perfect of style, fashion and comfort. As a manufacturer, we bring a range of PVC Footwear including PVC Slipper. Apart from these, we also offer other varieties of Men's Slipper, Ladies Fancy Slipper, Ladies Designer Slipper and Kids Slipper. We have hired a strong team of shoe makers to ensure that people can avail footwear of impeccable quality at minimum price tags.

Recognizing Shoe Quality

Footwear is a diverse fashion category that includes variety of models. Shoe making process may involve more than three hundred steps, depending upon the kind of design, pattern and model of the footwear. For this reason, it requires stringent quality testing to ensure that footwear of unmatched quality reach the packing department. However, keeping a tab over shoe quality can be a daunting task and fortunately, we have employed quality analysts who strive to determine the quality shoes. Each analyst use certain rules of thumb to ensure that every parameter is carefully met. The parameters over which our produced footwear is judged are cited below:
  • Pull test for checking accessories and embellishments
  • Flexibility of heel and its strength
  • Color shading and colorfastness
  • Sole bonding and fasteners fatigue
  • Weight test and metal contamination prevention
Why Choose Us?

It is rightly said that a good pair of footwear says a lot about the wearer, therefore, rendering quality footwear such as Ladies Fancy Slipper, Ladies Designer Slipper is paramount at our company. However, for us achieving highest quality does not mean that we ignore the style factor. Comfort and style go hand-in-hand at our production plant. It is because of this reason that people get the chance to choose the best for themselves from our wide assortment of sizes, color hues, styles, designs and patterns.